How to use GHD ?

GHD Operations & Important Notice:

  1. .The straightener is safe when the voltage is between 110V and 220V. Powering 3 seconds later, it starts to heat, and you can use it 40 seconds later.
  2. .Avoid using it when your hair is wet. To prevent getting a short circuit, please make sure your hair is dry.
  3. .Don’t keep using it for a long time. The system will cut off the power automatically when you keep using more than a half hour. For the safety, you should use it again after a while.
  4. .When the current is switched on, if the straightener is put aside, it will alarm automatically after 15mins, and power off 30mins.
  5. .When the straightener is switching on, please put it in the safe place where the children can not get easily and where is far away form the exploring things. As the straightener will up to a high temperature when it switches on.
  6. .If you find the wires are broken or the board gets loose, please check it if in a good condition before using it.


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