Pink GHD Hair Straighter

Established in 2001, GHD is committed to developing the most effective and innovative products for the hair care industry. GHD creats different and beautiful hairstyles with hair straightening irons leading to wonderful results. People with big and curly hairstyles were considered in vogue at that time.

Better known as ‘Good Hairs Day’, GHD plunged into the cosmetic & beauty market and provided a real meaning of the hair styling and straightening. These beauty stylers can actually be used for almost any sort of hairstyle. A person can easily create dead straight hair to a vintage mop curl that will make heads turn. Seeing its popularity and craze in the fashion market, GHD has launched a series of hair stylers for fashion freaks. They can get better ways to play with their hairs and flaunting a distinguished style statement.

GHD has floated different versions of hair stylers to help beauty conscious in achieving their dream appearance. They are designed to make the hair styling experience a great one, with noticeably marvelous results.

Details are as follows:
Shell Color:      Pink
Shell Material: 100% of PET and 30% of Glass Fiber,environmental protection, fireproofing thermal stability
up to 240 centigrade
Heating Unit:    MCH
Heating Panel: The heating panels are painted with Ceramic Paste imported from Korea; it can generate
infrared ray and negative ions which can protect and rehabilitate hair; the paint does not peel
off after 40 thousand continuously straightening.
Warm-up Time: 1.Generating heat in 5 seconds and up to 200 centigrade in 60 seconds
2.NTC temperature-sensing element and high-temperature fuse,it not only can warm up fast,
but keep your safety
Temp. Control:  The internal circuit boards are original dual circuit boards using original NASA IC; it is
accurate and steady in controlling temperature; the switch takes two-row switch(L (wire
under voltage), N(neutral)); there is no current on the boards after switching off so that can
avoid getting an electric shock.
Performance:    1.Automatically warming up at 200 centigrade when power on and power off after 30 minutes
if no one use it;
2.Ergonomics Design, comfortable for operating;
3.Far infrared tech and  microcoptuer for controlling temperature more accurately and evenly;
4.Easy operation of switches, auto-safety apparatus fitted in the circuit board for cutting off
electricity when creepage
Voltage & Plug: 1.Voltage: AC110V/60Hz—240V/50Hz,available for every country;
2.Plug: by customers’ requirements
Power Line & Tail: The power line takes 360 rotation designs; the internal sheet copper takes gilding
technics which is in high safety factor

Manufacturing Technology
1.All the raw materials are environmentally-friendly materials;so do the tools, auxiliary materials used during
processing; which assure the products meet the requirements of ROHS;
2.The products are manufactured according to the CE and UL standard, with good electromagnetic interference
in internal circuits and little interference to other electrical equipments; and every target is within EMC
3.The surface paint uses baking finish which assures it cannot be wiped away by ethyl alcohol and other
chemicals; and it is durable without changing color, fading and peeling off paint;
4.The printing uses special technics which assures it cannot be wiped away by ethyl alcohol and other
chemicals or scraped off by nails;
5. All the products perfectly pass high voltage (3750v) test which assures you avoid getting an electric shock;
6. All the products perfectly pass aging test by 30 minutes which assures it keep steady as usual;
7. All the products perfectly pass function test, appearance checking which assures the products are the best
from the factory;

Do you want to buy GHD hair straighteners? Look through our website and get one for you! Then you can have the most stylist look that goes well with your personality.

Package as follows
1* Panel
1* Bag
2* Manuals
2* Clips
1* DVD
1* External Case& Box

Date Added: 11/29/2009 by Nicholas Hewitt

I began to use this last year, and now I could not manage without it! A good helper for my hairstyle! It is no harm for my hair nad create a nature effect.

Date Added: 11/28/2009 by Alexis Brown

I began to use it last year, and now i could not manage without it. A good helper for my hairstyle! It is no harm to hair and can create a nature effect! If necessary, i would buy one more from here!

Date Added: 11/23/2009 by Ann Armour

I was longing for a ghd straightener, i also longing for straight hair, because i was born curly hair. i bought it two months ago, in the latest period, i used it mostly, i found it used well, not doing harm to my hair.

Date Added: 11/22/2009 by lisa white

The ghd hair straighter is very,i use it do my hair it makes my hair looks very naturally,i like it.

Date Added: 11/22/2009 by Julie Parmenter

it is a good choice to present this straightener to friends who love beauty very much. because its product is of high quality, and its wrapping is also the reflection of nobility.

Date Added: 11/18/2009 by Sophia Mill

What is the Discount Coupon of this product? GHD Pink…I can not find it, please someone help me with this…